How to Train a Havashire Puppy - Use the Right Mindset When Training Your Havashire

Published: 27th November 2009
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Training you Havashire puppy can be rewarding as well as challenging. This article will discuss the mind set that you need to be in when starting to train your new dog.

To be successful in many things in life, you need to garner the respect of your colleagues. Without respect, you have nothing. The same thing can be said with animals. If you do not have the respect of an animal, you can't control behavior let alone train them. You need the dog to see you as their pack leader, and you need to be who they look to for guidance.

If you have the respect of your dog, and the dog has confidence in your ability to take of him or her, you have the battle half won. Spend some time interacting with your dog. Many social rules are learned through play. It provides a fun environment for the dog, but it allows you to be able to set boundaries. These boundaries are crucial when you are training your dog. You also need to make sure the dog trusts you, and you can do that by being a strong leader.

Don't let the cute little face of the Havashire get away with behaviors that cross the line. You need to show tough love sometimes. You can be affectionate with the dog, but don't let your guard down. You are still the leader, and you need to make sure the dog does not sense weakness.

Havashire's naturally look for leadership, not only for safety, but to keep their life simple. They know what they can do, where they are in the grand scheme of the pack. Biologically, dogs are programmed to want this. If you provide the structure they crave, you will have an obedient companion. If you fail to provide this for the dog, your pet may feel confusion and fear, which is certainly not an environment conducive to learning.

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